ET-Map: Castle del Monte (Beta)

29.06.2006 : 21:54

Allies Spawn originally inside the mountain at the bottom of a hill and need to capture the Guardhouse Flag to Spawn there. The Guardhouse spawn is much like the one on Oasis. Axis Spawn originally in the Guardhouse infront of the Castle and must build the Drawbridge Lever Access Door in the opposite Guardhouse and the netural command post located there as well. Allies need to capture the Guardhouse, Dyno the Drawbridge Lever Access Door, construct the command
post and Build the Bridge across the Mote, also lower the Drawbridge. Once Allies capture the Guardhouse the Axis Spawn inside the Castle Courtyard and must keep the Allies from entering the Castle and from Blowing the main Gate. The Allies need to enter the Castle and Blow the Main Gate and capture the Courtyard. Once the Main Gate is Blown the Guardhouse Spawn becomes permanent for the Allies. On top of the Castle Roof is where the Key to the Heavy Water Facility Door is. Allies Can Not enter to get the Key until the Main Gate is Blown! Once the Main Gate is Blown Allies need to Capture the Courtyard to make the Assault on the Roof easier. (This is a capturable flag that can be held by either team until the Key is taken to the Heavy Water Facility Door at which point the Courtyard becomes a permanent Allied Spawn). Note: The Main Gate does not have to be Blown for the Allies to be able to capture the Courtyard, there are other entrances, once inside the Castle, for allies to get to the courtyard however the Main Gate can only be blown from the Drawbridge Side of the Gate. If Allies capture the Courtyard then the Axis spawn on the Third floor in the Back of the Castle with access to the roof and the rest of the Castle. Inside the Building on top of the Roof Allies can go inside the first floor of that building but Can Not enter the second floor where the Obj (Key) is until the Main Gate is Blown, i have it set up where the doors remain Locked untill the Gate is blown. Once the Main Gate is Blown the Allies must press a button to unlock the doors to gain access to the Obj area. (there are 2 doors on the first floor of the Obj building and the buttons are located right next to the doors). Once Allies get the Key Obj they must take it from the Roof to the First Floor of the Castle to the Back of the Castle where the Heavy Water Facility Door is located. When the Allied Player reaches the Door with the Key Obj then that door is unlocked and the Player must press the button located on that door to open it. Note: When the Key Obj is successfully taken to the HW Door then the Courtyard Spawn becomes permanent for the Allies and the Axis Spawn underground with access to Both Heavy Water Machines for defense. The Allies Spawn at the Courtyard Spawn and must go to the underground area and Dyno Both of the Heavy Water Machines to win.ET-Maps
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