PunkBuster Client v1.247 (ET)

26.05.2006 : 23:09
Momentan geht's Schlag auf Schlag mit den PB-Updates, aber auf Crossfire ist ein Interessanter Artikel über die neueste PB-Version erschienen. Stein des Anstoßes ist die neue Screenshot-Funktion von PB die durchschnittlich jede Minute Automatisch einen Screenshot erstellt und ihn an den PB-Server sendet.
Die Folge: FPS-Einbrüche und Lags während der Screenshot erstellt und gesendet wird.

  • new screenshot code introduced: beginning with this version of the PB Client, PB will randomly take screenshots about once per minute on average and send each screenshot signature to the PB server; several screenshots will be queued and future PB Server editions will be able to request any of the last few screenshots that were taken by the client; the PB Server will also track information pertaining to how often windows reports the game minimized or otherwise inactive, admins will be able to configure PB to kick players who do not keep the game as the active application while playing; admins will also be able to kick players who do not return requested screenshots or where the returned screenshot does not match the previously supplied signature
  • in this version, having the pb_sssave setting set to 1 does not cause PB to save server requested screenshots to the local hard drive as documented
  • PB screenshots each have a new sequence # associated with them, this sequence # is reported to the PB Server for each screenshot captured and is displayed in the border of the screenshot itself
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