True Combat: Elite - Release Delay

28.03.2006 : 23:18

Der Release von TCE 0.49 wurde vom ersten Quartal 2006 voraussichtlich auf das zweite Quartal verschoben. Ein genauerer Termin wird in den nächsten Wochen bekanntgegeben.

''Many of you have been awaiting the much anticipated release of TCE 0.49. It was slated to be released by the end of the first quarter of 2006 (which ends the 31st of March).

However, due to our internal quality testing (RC1), it has been decided that a little more time is needed before we make an official release.

What does this mean? When will you be able to get your hands on 0.49?

This is only a minor delay. According to coroner, RC2 is close and the team will announce an official release date in the next few weeks.

We are now projecting a release in early Q2 2006.

Be assured that the team is using these added weeks to make sure we release a version that is up to our - and your - standards.''
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