ET-Mod: War Factory v5

29.06.2006 : 13:40
This mod has a lot of mini mod from others, like skin, sounds and more, all these new mod are written later. I wanted to have what it is made for ET in one mod, and of course my own ideas too. We add Bots, as we want the bet it is, we took for the mod's support the Bobots, then you could practise easy the mod in LAN or with friends before going in the internet hell fight.

The mod's goal is to enable players to have the best ideas from each mini mods in only one mod! We dont want to take the job from these mods at all! We only want that players could have the best in one mod, and of course we take what we think it is the best! All right reserved for mods and thanks a lot to have accepted that we used your job.

-[ Download ''War Factory v5'' ]-

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