ET-Bot: Omni-Bot Progress Update

03.05.2005 : 19:26

DrEvil hat eine News zu den Fortschritten des Omni-Bots veröffentlicht:

Progress Update

We're still around and working hard on next release.

I've posted an update on the Development Forum that gives an in-depth update on progress toward the next release. It includes alot of scripting functionality, news on the linux version, and some general status updates.

After the linux release there will be more frequent releases. It is very important to us to get the linux version out ASAP and Magik has been doing an excellent job on that front. I have been putting off a new release until the linux version is ready, which will be very soon. Afterwards, releases should be every 1-2 weeks at most. We both prefer more frequent smaller releases instead of large releases with months in between. It tends to keep interest up. Anyways, check out the development update for more info.

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