RtCW-SP-Map: Phm's Hauptquartier (Final)

24.01.2006 : 00:03
~~ Update ~~
Jetzt mit Bugfix / Now with Bugfix

The latest version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein should be used. The missions will also run with version 1.0, but some textures and objects may not show correctly or may be missing completely. To install this pakage, simply copy the directory "Phm" in the Return to Castle Wolfenstein-directory. The new directory should be in the same level like "Main". Start the game by using the file "Phm.bat" in the directory "Phm". The file
"!Phm_eng.pk3" contains English mission descriptions.
If you want to use them, rename the file to "Phm_eng.pk3" (remove the quotation mark at the beginning). Nevertheless some textures and sounds are only available in German. On weaker systems performance problems may occur while playing the first mission. If required adjust the brightness in the game menu or via the monitor, if the mission environments look too bright or too dark.

Game references:

The missions are explained in detail at the mission briefing and in the note book. Besides, at the first mission advices are printed via the console at certain times.

Technical features:

  • extensive texture and shader definitions (realistic running and shooting sounds)
  • realistic und variable use of textures
  • extensive scripts (variable happening at a different behavior)
  • no occurrence of double opponents (singular computer controlled players)
  • extensive clipping (realistic waypoints and realistic behavior of computer controlled players)
  • german and english mission texts available
  • separate singleplayer modification (use of extended menu and information possibilities, i.e. the note book)
| Bugfix: