ET-Mod: FalckonET 0.45

08.12.2005 : 12:40
FaclkonET is ET server and client side modification adding realism, weapons and vehicles into game...

-[ Download ''FalckonET 0.45'' ]-


  • Ironsights for All guns, grenade launchers and panzerfaust
  • Rifles without attachement for every class
  • Improved hitboxes
  • 30 cal machinegun for allied soldier
  • BAR for allied soldier
  • Stg44 for axis soldier
  • improved weapon effects
  • shadowplanes (Q3 cg_shadows 3 style shadows)
  • faked lightmap dlights for gun flashes (rounded lights visible on low poly surfaces, aka q3 style)
  • controlable tank entities and commands to add them
  • ETPro scripts support
  • Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch
  • Capture the Flag
  • New and improved models and skins for Weapons
  • Multiple skinsets, automaticly used for stock 6 maps
  • compact limbo menu option
  • and more...
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