ET-Mod: ETadmin-Mod 0.29

08.12.2005 : 12:14
Der ETadmin-Mod von H.Potter ist gestern in Version 0.29 erschienen, zusätzlich hat der Programmierer noch eine Wiki-Site zu Informationszwecken erstellt.

-[ Download ''ETadmin-Mod 0.29'' ]-
"I made this mod for Enemy Territory to prevent stupid voting and to show the killing sprees ingame, that many people know from UT. But afterall, the mod makes much more now. Many of the features (e.g. canceling votes) do only function together with a mod like etpro, shrub or my own headshot_mod, because additional rcon commands are needed. The documentation is far from complete, but etadmin_mod should be easy to install and configure."

Feature Summary:
  • Support for: etmain, etpro, shrubet and headshot_mod
  • killing/death spree messages & sounds (fully customisable (updated))
  • multi/monster kill messages & sounds (updated)
  • first blood message & sound
  • auto/persistent mute
  • ban etpro guids
  • intermission mapvoting (e.g. interesting for trickjump servers)
  • simple stats
  • admin functions (e.g. like a enhanced shrubbot for etpro (headshot_mod))
  • vote deactivation, restriction (updated)
  • nickname / clantag protection
  • name fake/stealing detection
  • (custom) greetings
  • seen database
  • min GUID age restriction
  • class restrictions and rules
  • map specific configs (good for class_restrictions)
  • self/team kill restriction
  • min. name length, sound exploit detection (shrub/etmain), bad name list, ...
  • banners
  • birthday announcements
  • uneven teams announcements and/or autoaction
  • gib protector (shrub only)
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