ETpro 3.1.12 für ET 2.60 erschienen

25.04.2005 : 14:48
Heute ist endlich die neue, ET 2.60 kompatible, Public Beta 3.1.12 von ETPro erschienen. Sie befindet sich schon auf unserem Server: Der PB ist dort somit auch wieder abgeschaltet.

-[ Download ''ETpro 3.1.12'' ]-

Bug / cheat fixes 3.1.12:

  • cg_autoaction was broken for screenshots
  • opentimerinput doesnt get mouse focus
  • enemy wounded could block team wounded for revive
  • ref surrender menu callvoted by mistake
  • cg_teamchatsonly didnt ignore public chats
  • shuffleteamsxp_norestart was missing from vote menu
  • fireteam objective icon was misaligned slightly
  • cl_language could cause garbage translations
  • inviteall tried to invite players already on a fireteam
  • etpro unlagged accuracy increased
  • all weapon rof / overheat are now completely fps independent
  • b_fallingbugfix 1 no longer ignores fake brushes
  • fireteam objective icon now obeys b_fireteamAlpha
  • oasis script fixed (remove end of round delay after destroying both guns)
  • location names didn't reset color in chats
  • wounded covops could steal uniforms if close enough
  • bloodtrail crash/hang fixed
  • corpses could be "shot" after players tapped out
  • cg_teamchatsonly incorrectly filtered fireteam chats
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