ET-Mod: WhaleClient 1.4 Beta 1

16.10.2005 : 14:57
It has been a while since the last release, but a new version is finally done.

-[ Download ''WhaleClient 1.4 Beta 1'' ]-

About WhaleClient:
WhaleClient is a client-side Enemy Territory mod for Windows and Linux. It works with a number of mods like etpub, shrub but still also with etmain. WhaleClient has been designed to fix a lot of ET bugs, as well as add new features: It has clientside generated hitsounds, clientside killingsprees with sounds, multikills (also with sound), shrublike text shortcuts, built-in etpub_client and more...

Shortlist of the most major new features in this new version:

  • Location names in teamchat (works with Etpro location files)
  • Optimized prediction: should increase FPS a lot in most cases
  • Death ("bad day") spree messages
  • Althud flags
  • Support for serverside killingspree messages (plays sounds)
  • Killingspree messages screen display location and global sound configurable
  • ETpub: players can choose between client or serverside hitsounds
  • Most of ETpub_client (20050927) integrated
  • A lot of other small features and bugfixes
The manual located inside the .zip should be more or less up to date with this release.

Note: As this is a beta version, things can change or be removed before the final version is released.
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