ET-Mod-WiP: FalckonET mit fahrbaren Panzern

05.10.2005 : 19:42
Vobei sind die Zeiten in denen der Panzer eskortiert werden muß, mit FalckonET ist er frei beweglich und läßt sich abfeuern wie man auf dem Video sehen kann.

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"I'll start out with an great feature, our coder JaquboSS that also is working on PoP, have succesfully made drivable tanks,that is able to use Main turret! With drivable i really mean drivable!
We have another great thing too, we have one new team member,and one that will do some sounds for us.
Pytox, our new mapper is right now working on a map, which we dont want to show anything of yet, since its so early in construction. I can tell you that it is not an historical map.
Also new on the team on the mod is Gerbalblaste, who is making the sounds to our weapons. He also made sounds for ET: New Generation, another mod for Enemy Territory."

Planet Wolfenstein
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