ET-Mod: Jaymod 1.4 Beta 6

28.08.2005 : 11:29
jaybird hat Version 1.4 Beta 6 seiner Jaymod veröffentlicht.
Eine serverseitige Mod, die Shrub-Features implementiert.

  • Added poison syringes.
  • Changed adrenaline sharing. You now use your adrenaline needle (alt fire) to share with teammates.
  • Improved fireteam support. Expanded them to 9 members, and made the select all button really select all fireteam members.
  • Improved playdead. It is now shared client-side, so you can see your health deplete as you are shot while playing dead.
  • Changed realhead support. When not enabled, it no longer requires the download of the effective skins.
  • Re-added Omni-bot support.
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