ET-Bot: ''Fritz Bot'' für ET

28.09.2005 : 16:03
Maleficus berichtet in einer News von den Fortschritten bei der Portierung seines Fritz Bot für RTCW nach ET.

ET Port Progress Report

I've just gotten the bots completely ported over yesterday. I laid out a quick, test nav file and played Radar with them for a while today. All of their RtCW class based skills and gameplay dynamics are working fine, but I haven't started on any of the ET specific stuff yet.

They still play a decent game though - the team I was playing on won a few games, and lost a few games. That was a lot of fun. :)

I've got a lot going on with work and school right now, so I'm still looking at a month or two before I have anything to release. And most likely, anything released would only be a 1-2 map demo release just to show you where the bots are at. It will be a bit longer before all the six maps are supported, and then customs maps and beyond will be after that.

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