ET-Tool: BBQ Bot 1.0

18.09.2005 : 11:32
Der Serverseitige Administrative Bot für ET von Marko & Kennie wurde mittlerweile in der Version 1.0 veröffentlicht. Alle näheren Angaben zu diesem Tool finden Sie hier in dieser News.

-[ Download ''BBQ Bot 1.0'' ]-


  • You will need an ET Server with Punkbuster enabled in order to run this bot
  • You will need to have logs enabled in your server config AND the "log sync" will have to be set to 1 otherwise stats will only be printed at end of rounds
  • The INSTALL.txt file provided with the BBQ bot archive details the installation steps you need to follow
Bot Features:

BBQ bot is a server side application developed by Marko & Kennie to help in server administration. It runs directly on the game server and analyses the game output on a regular basis. It then parses the output to either send actions back to the server, or sends information to and IRC channel. The bot can run under windows and linux.


  • close to real-time analysis of the game output in order to act or send information to an IRC channel with very short delays
  • low performance hit on the game server due to extremely light code
  • IRC interface to print server events and remotly control the bot
  • Anti swear system to strike when players swear and automatically kick them after 3 swears
  • alert system, to customize text strings that have to be found in player chats to call alerts in the IRC channel (lets players report spawn killers, bad players, uneven teams and any server problem when admins aren available)
  • direct rcon commands to the server via IRC interface. This feature is password protected and the bot control password can be changed easily
  • trace game events such as players connecting / disconnecting, name changes, map changes, frags, referee login...
  • bot control via IRC to change the IRC behaviour of the bot (toggle events to display in IRC, send messages to players on the server...)
  • servers stats generated on a regular basis and displayed directly to the players on the server
  • auto reconnect on PART or KICK from IRC channel
  • manual striking from IRC channel in case you see a swear/insult the bot dosen come across
  • client kicking / banning directly via IRC
  • Bot stats function (players on the server, total strikes given, total players kicked...)
  • non IRC feature to ran in standalone looping back directly with the server
  • IRC config file to execute a set of commands each time the bot joins a channel
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