Serverbrowser: Xfire 1.45

17.09.2005 : 20:04
Der recht beliebte Serverbrowser Xfire wurde in der Version 1.45 veröffentlicht. Die neue Version enthält eigentlich nur geringfügige Änderungen, die den Umgang mit Xfire jedoch verbessern.

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    Shortcut from Changelog:

  • Added the one feature that everyone keeps telling us we need... blocking. You can block individual user names, and they will no longer be able to message you, send you friend invitations, or show up under friends-of-friends. You can NOT block friends (if someone is your friend, why would you want to block them?).
  • Added ability to set a text status and a game status at the same time.
  • Added estimated time remaining for file downloads.
  • Increased the maximum number of sources you can use during file downloads.
  • Improved paste support into the Add Custom Game Server to Favorites dialog.
  • Xfire In-game marks group chat messages with a double arrow to distinguish them from instant messages.
  • Added sensitivity setting of voice activation for voice chat (go to Tools | Options | Voice to set it).
  • Added a search field on the top of the infoview for the files tab.
  • Improved error messages when initializing Xfire In-Game fails.
  • Fixed several uncommon crashes.
  • Added Xfire digital signature to Xfire.exe and all of our .dll files for additional security.
  • Added support to play sounds specified in skins in .zip files.