ET-Map: Tramfight (Beta 2)

10.09.2005 : 08:50

Overview: Axis scientist are developing a new weapon called the "venom cannon". A prototype of this weapon was hidden inside a church in a small spanish village. Now allied forces must obtain this prototype...

The Objectives: The game now has 3 stages:
Stage 1: Allies must drive the tram to the old castle: Once there the iron gates in the church will open where the venom cannon (objective) is

hidden. The tram can not be moved untill the next stage has been completed.
Stage 2: Allies must steal this venom cannon and deliver it to the tram.
Stage 3: Allies must drive the tram, containing the objective, to the second station.

The spawnpoints:
- Axis starts with 2 spawns (starting spawn / 2nd spawn), Allies start with only one spawn (starting spawn).
- Once the allies have escorted the tram to the old castle all spawnpoints will change. Both teams will lose their first starting spawn. Allied team will spawn at the extra (2nd) spawn.
In the center of the map is a flag that must or can be captured by both teams. (similar to "railgun"). Once captured players will never autospawn at the flag, but have to pick it manually in the limbo menu...

The Generator: Allies can now construct a generator that will increase the speed of the tram. Once build the tram will speed up from 120 units per second to 200 units per second (the tug in 'railgun' also has a speed of 200 units /sec) The speed increase only applies to the allied team: When an axis players enters the tram the speed will always remains 120 units /sec. When build, the axis can destroy the generator with dynamite only...

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