ET-Serverbrowser: TrackBase

10.10.2010 : 16:02
Today, a new tracker called TrackBase was opened.
The tracker is running on a very powerfull machine, to provide a smooth system with minimum bugs.
So what's actually new on this tracker? Many bugs have been fixed, and many new features are added.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Rating will drop after a longer amount of time, so you don't have to play everyday (3 days)
  • You can now set your own flag! You don't have to do it through the clan anymore
  • More space for reserved names, buddies & favorite servers
  • More clanflags possible, example: co-leader! Also, the leader can't be set away anymore! (Your clan can't be stolen)
  • Your clanpage will be easier to modify
  • Extended server information: you can now see when the next map starts.
Not only this, but more is new, and more will be added in the future!
Currently, only ET is supported yet, but in the future more games will be added to the tracker.
We will try to give maximum support, and if you got feedback you can post in on the forums, we'll look at it!

You can check it now at !

Again, if you find any bugs or have any idea, don't be afraid to post!

Kind Regards,
the TB teamPaul via MSN