QW-Mod: Bicycle

01.10.2010 : 14:31
In a world ravaged by the monsters of alien armies and domestic corporations, I thrive. Permeating every dark crevice and abyss of the world I travel where my radial legs take me, seeking out and consuming all that stand in my way. Along my travels I witness interlopers exuding cold hatred and men comprised of pure greed drain the lives from those who seek only to survive. For them the most cruel and insidious demise awaits, and for those who live beyond my greetings only insanity remains. Babbling and spitting my imagined name the wicked retreat to their cohorts, reliving their impossible defeat and mutilation.

"It was The Cataclysm..."
"The Destroyer"
they say.

But the worthy, who have none to fear know me by only one name:



--> Bicycle