ET-Map: X-Posed (Final & Fixes)

02.09.2010 : 20:55

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Last night Axis forces bombed a small Belgian town after an Allied attack to conquer it. Axis managed to hold the town but a team of Allies are still trapped in the town and their only way out is to steal a tank and drive thru the bombed city.


This pack is a collection of fixes made for X-Posed. Please keep in mind that this is an ETpro-Mapscript and will only work with mods that support it! (ETpro, NQ, ETpub, Jaymod...)

There are two versions of this script:
I found a repacked mapfile that made the tank indestructible, although an altered script would have been enough.
For all those who want the tank to be indestructible, choose z_xposed_fixes_NDT_v1.pk3.
It comes along with reduced timelimit and respawn times for both teams.
z_xposed_fixes_v1.pk3 contains the fixes for the normal (destructible-tank) version.

This fixpack contains the fixes of xposed_sp1.pk3 and the script on and replaces the stand-alone NDT-version to save players from unnecessarily downloading the identical map twice.


  • Clipped access to buildings with caulked insides to avoid satchelcamp-exploits
  • Fixed and added voice announcements
  • Fixed a bug that caused the tank to stop at the second barrier even if its not constructed
  • Increased timelimit from 25 to 30 mins
  • Decreased Allied respawn time from 20 to 18 secs
  • Allies now own the church spawn when the tank is over the bridge (instead of when it passes the church)
  • Added voice announcements when the tank crosses the river
  • Added Allied CP spawn
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