ET-Bot: Bobot v5.0

18.07.2010 : 16:15
Adding a new class: BIOMECANIK (cyborg) to help other classes. BIOMECANIK's are much stronger and move half as fast as others. Their weapon: Venom! They are positioned in strategic locations marked by BIOMECANIK nodes if they exist in the map, otherwise it will be as the other classes.

Inspired by the super soldier of RTCW.

Download & Info:

--> Bobot v5.0
--> Bobot Website

You can not play as biomecanik, Just add to a team with the command addbot.
example : team NameOfBot class skill weapon
addbot axis Terminator biomecanik 2 venom
addbot allies Terminator biomecanik 2 venom
or use the menu: bobot => Bots => Add 9 and 9 axis allies
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