RtCW-Bot: Fritz Bot 5

30.08.2005 : 11:00

Der FritzBot von Maleficus wurde wie versprochen fertiggestellt. Unterstützt werden bis jetzt neben den RtCW-Standard-Maps auch die beliebtesten Custommaps. Für nähere Informationen über die Benutzung lesen Sie bitte den Fritz Bot User Guide.

-[ Download ''Fritz Bot'' ]-

-[ Fritz Bot User Guide ]-

"Fritz Bot is a A.I. bot for the award winning game "Return To Castle Wolfenstein".

This version of Fritz Bot has support for ALL default OBJECTIVE and CAPTURE POINT maps, as well as many popular custom maps of both game types. The waypoint and scripting tools are included with the bot, so that anybody can create paths/scripts for Fritz. A comprehensive tutorial on how to use them will be available shortly on my web site.

Fritz Bot has 100% support for all RtCW classes and weapons, a tactical understanding that matches (if not surpasses) many human pub players, and doesn't cheat, lag or whine. :-)"
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