ET-Map: One Way (Beta 3)

26.05.2010 : 00:14

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Both Allies and Axis are possessing a coder to transmit an SOS. Once activated it will take 5 minutes to do so. Your mission is to interupt the enemy countdown by stealing the enemy coders battery and preventing him to steal your own. There is no delivery point for the battery. Simply hold it. As long as it is not in the coder of the enemy the better it will be for you.

An original map with a little bit of a different objective. What once started as a 1on1 map, can now be applied to small servers with a maximum of 12 players.

Additionally there is an ETPro Mapscript supplied within this mapfile, making it possible to turn this map into a deathmatch map.

Due to the counting system within the mapscript do not use this at 16 Bit server systems when you play for objective. It will most likely crash the server, or at least invoke some unpredictable behaviour.

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