ET-TC: East Front (Updates 8th/11th May 2010)

11.05.2010 : 11:24
A WW2 based first person shooter game based on small squad battles in the battlefields of eastern Europe between 1941 and 1945 that focuses on both realism and arcade game-plays, currently under development for the Enemy Territory game engine.

Download & Info:

--> East Front (01-05-2010)
--> East Front (Update 05-05-2010)
--> East Front (Update 08-05-2010) [new]
--> East Front (Update 11-05-2010) [new]
--> 'East Front' Website

Update 11-05-2010:

  • Fixes:
    • Major upgrade to the auto-waypointer.
    • Many bug fixes.
    • Lots of other stuff.

  • Additions:
    • Maths and AI now use your graphics card instead of your CPU for many things (Windows only at the moment).
    • Lots of other stuff.

It's very important that you delete all the files in your EF\nodes directory before extracting this new version!

Update 08-05-2010:

  • Fixes:
    • AI (Bot and NPC) CPU usage decreased.
    • NPC code is now stable even with bots running as well.
    • Fixed some random stability issues.
    • Reduced CPU usage of code in lots of places.
    • Fixed the Bot weapon switching bug.
    • Fixed the Bot reload bug.
    • Improved AI code in general.
    • Added missing xposed textures.
    • Fixed a lot of possible issues with original ET code.
    • Fixed a issue with the Auto-Waypointer code that could cause it to generate incomplete waypoints.
    • Lots of misc fixes and improvements.

  • Additions:
    • CovertOps now have a airdop marker that drops a constructable MG nest.
    • (NOTE: Airdrop Marker will change in the future to become a reward for any class and will do different things instead of just drop a constructable MG Nest).
    • AI sniper point generator now saves them to a file that it loads on future startup of maps.
    • Bot/NPC path finding now uses 4 threads instead of 1 on windows to take advantage of multi-core CPUs.
    • Fixed and improved pain and death animations.
    • Players/Bots waiting for a medic now retain the last position of death animation instead of flipping over.
    • Other stuff I can't think of right now but is uber cool, I will update this later with more info.
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