ET-Map: Sottevast PE (Final)

10.05.2010 : 00:36

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An Axis V2 missile project has been advancing in a silo facility called Sottevast. Allied spies have discovered an attack is about to be launched from this secret silo, and a small team of elite soldiers were mobilized to prevent the launch.

Additonal pk3:

The additional pk3 contains a ETpro mapscript. Works only with ETpro, NQ, and other mods wich are compatible.

  • Added Health and Ammo Cabinets to Command Post
  • Added Health and Ammo Cabinets and MG Nest to Side Bunker
  • Added Neutral Command Post to Bunker near Forward Bunker
  • Added Model for delivered Objective
  • Added Secondary Map Objective: Allies need to blow up the V2 Rocket
  • Fixed Tunnel Barrier appearance when under construction


  • Based on Beta 3b
  • Added tracemap
  • Removed all unnecessary files from the pk3
  • Fixed mapscript
  • Fixed spelling errors
  • Reworked command map
  • New levelshot
  • Sottevast is now shown on the right place in the command map
  • Retextured the map in near every aspect

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