ET-Map: 1944 Beach (Final & Fix)

18.04.2010 : 17:30

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The Allies must infiltrate the Axis Beach to build a Command Tower and capture the Axis documents. The Axis must protect their Forward Bunker and repel the Allied raiders.

While beach is the most popular map of the 1944-campaign, it's also the most bugged one that I've ever seen, so I decided to make a little scriptfix and share it with the community.

Please keep in mind that this is an ETpro-Mapscript and will only work with mods that support it! (ETPRO, NQ, Jaymod...)

There are two versions of this script. If you do not want to add additional filesize to your server, use the non-pk3 version ( If you want Berzerkr's fixes to be implemented, use the pk3.


Phishermans Phriend

  • General
    • Removed multiple Announcements on some events such as Construction/Destruction of Map Objectives
    • Fixed shortnames and tracks of many entities
    • Forward Bunker Flag is now secured by the Allies when the Main Entrance is blown
    • Added Voice-Announcements (pk3-only)
    • Added an ETPRO CommandMapIcon-shader (pk3-only)
  • Beach Tunnel Barricade
    • Now requires a Satchel Charge to be destroyed
    • Can now be reconstructed by the Axis
  • Beach Barricades
    • Now require a Satchel Charge to be destroyed
    • Can now be reconstructed by the Axis
    • Moved construction crates out of the grass
  • Forward Bunker Tower
    • Can now be destroyed by Satchel Charge
    • Can now be reconstructed by the Axis
  • Axis Command Post
    • Can now be destroyed without trickplanting
    • Moved closer to the Wall
  • Allied Transmitter
    • Allies do no longer autospawn at the Transmitter if they own the Forward Bunker Flag
    • Only one CommandMap-Icon is now shown at the same time
    • Fixed typing mistake in track (Alllied Transmitter), thanks to *GzV*Reaper for reporting the bug
    • Destroyed Transmitter is no longer shown on entity decay
    • Construction Crates are no longer set underconstruction
Berzerkr (GER) [all changes are pk3-only]
  • Changed Ocean Ground Texture
  • Changed Texture of Beach Sand
  • Reworked Water (new Texture and Animation)
  • Changed Fog, entities are no longer shown foggy

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