ET-Map: Crevasse PE (Final)

01.03.2010 : 20:42

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Spies have discovered the location of an Axis facility built inconspicuously into an natural crevasse. Spies reported that there is valuable information kept somewhere in the base.

Changes compared to Crevasse Beta 3:

  • Added tracemap
  • Added missing textures
  • Removed all unnecessary files from the pk3
  • Fixed spelling errors
  • Reworked command map
  • New levelshot
  • Anti-Tank Gun got a temperated skin (before: snow skin)
  • Better texture for Opel Blitz
  • Fake reflection for Opel Blitz windows
  • New textures and shader for water
  • Brighter texture for grass
  • More detailed texture for clouds
  • Other textures for camouflaged net, barrels, beds and trunk
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