ET-Mod: Extra Cheese Mod (Beta 1)

17.01.2010 : 14:38
This is a small source mod which adds a couple weapons, beefs up the soldier class a bit, and provides a few options to server admins. Most things are optional, thus empowering server admins to add or remove what ever they want. Recycled as much ET code/skins as possible, hopfully preventing any mod-lag. Designed for fun-based maps and servers. Some options (e.g., tripmines, BAR) can be turned off for scrims, or classic maps.


--> Extra Cheese Mod (Beta 1)

For suggestions, bug-reporting and feedback please visit Rogue Ducks Attack.


  • Modified sten (Sten Mk.III), unsuppressed, no heat restrictions
  • Soldier may select "Sten Mk.III" as primary weapon from limbo menu
  • Covert ops gets "Sten Mk.III" as secondary weapon at level 4 light weapons and military intelligence
  • Optional ping for BOTS (48-52)
  • Optional trip-mines (perfect for urban combat)
  • Customizable tool selection for soldier
  • Optional grenade increases for soldier
  • All the updates in etpub nightly (see etpub documentation)
  • Command shortcuts for !listplayers and !nextmap (!li & !ne)
  • B.A.R. added as secondary weapon for soldier. Its semi-auto and can fire as fast as trigger is pulled (aka mouse click)

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