ET-Map: Gold Rush Germany (Final/Fixed)

03.01.2010 : 17:14
Fixed Version, please download anew. Sorry for the inconvience.

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The Axis are guarding a hoard of gold in the Aschaffenburg Reichsbank. The Allies must steal an Axis Hetzer Tank to blow the bank open, steal the gold bars and drive them to safety in a Truck.

Changes from "Final" to "Final/Fixed":

The damaged Truck is now builded in. Well, we forgot it. Shit happens. Thanks to [*]Irata for reporting the bug.

Additional Information:

  • This new version of Gold Rush is more a technical demo to show the Hetzer Tank and the GMC Truck.
  • We thought that the 7638th version of Gold Rush has to look different, so we retextured the map and setted the scenario to Aschaffenburg (Bavaria).
  • Aschaffenburg was one of the few cities who was not bombed during World War II, only invaded by Infantery.
  • If you enter the church as spectator you can see different variants of the truck.
  • The models may used in your own map, but give credit to ischbinz.
  • With additional music mod
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