ET-Mod: No Quarter 1.2.7 SF - Moonwalker

24.12.2009 : 12:52
UPDATE: Serverfix is included. Please download anew. Thanks.

Finally, the new No Quarter is released. This time it's really free of lags, it runs much smoother, no problems with PunkBuster, LUA is supported and ... well, the list of changes is big. To big for a news, please take a look here.


--> No Quarter 1.2.7 SF

Installation of 1.2.7:

We strongly recommend using this release if you set-up or running a public ET No Quarter server.

  • No Quarter requires a valid 2.60b/d Enemy Territory installation. 1.2.7 WON'T RUN ON VERSIONS LOWER THAN 2.60!
  • Download the 1.2.7 full install from the link above.
  • Unpack the No Quarter archive so you have all the files you need.
  • Make a subdirectory in your Enemy Territory installation folder named "nq". We did change the mod path for several reasons so don't use your old path if there is already an existing installation.
  • Client-side assets (nq_v1.2.7.pk3) and binaries (nq_b_v1.2.7.pk3) are BOTH REQUIRED for No Quarter to run. Place them in your nq directory. Depending on the server you're running No Quarter on, you will need to place the appropriate server binary qagame_mp into the "noquarter" directory.