ET-Map: Poker (Beta 2)

06.12.2009 : 17:45

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It's a Poker game fox! Try to fill the Board with the Cards. The team who scores most points on the Board or finishes it wins the match.

Changes from Beta 1 to Beta 2:

  • Fixed errors to be trapped between the chips on the table.
  • Fixed the error when the script team captured 4 deck of cards to complete their castle can now capture the 5th deck of cards to start playing on the dealer's pad without having to finish building their castle.
  • Fixed some issues in the script (sounds)
  • add some new details (flag, xzone for pad jump, light, airplane, windows and more)
  • Making and Add VO voice for team
  • split the ambient sound to another .pk3
    (et_poker_sound.pk3 / open et_poker_sound.pk3 for more info to change or delete the sound)
  • Update the .shader file.
  • Compile in final bounce 4
  • Delete Sniper Spawn when Command Post constructed
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