RtCW-Bot: Fritz Bot 0.50 Beta Angekündigt!

16.08.2005 : 13:35

Gute Nachricht für die RtCW-Zocker. Maleficus hat den Code für den Fritz Bot 0.50 Beta fertiggestellt und wenn sich in einer internen Testphase keine Bugs finden steht einem baldigem Release nichts im Weg.


Fritz Bot v.50 BETA is code complete and entering an extensive internal testing phase. A release should be available very soon.

This version of Fritz Bot will have support for ALL default OBJECTIVE and CAPTURE POINT maps, as well as many popular custom maps of both game types. The waypoint and scripting tools will also be released so that anybody can create paths/scripts for Fritz, as well as a comprehensive tutorial on how to use them.

Fritz Bot has 100% support for all RtCW classes and weapons, a tactical understanding that matches (if not surpasses) many human pub players, and doesn't cheat, lag or whine. :-)

Website: Fritz Bot


- Maleficus

"Fritz Bot: AI with character"