ET-Map: Bremen (Final)

25.10.2009 : 15:41

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Allied spies undercovered details of an Axis plan to transport a fortune in gold to a more secure location. The Allies have planned an attack to intercept the gold during its stopover in Bremen.

Changes from Beta 2 to Final:

  • added fixes (mapscript & lights)
  • reworked command map
  • retextured, looks now like a bombed german city
  • included a fitting skybox
  • usage of (fixed) shaders for a better look (terrain, windows, marble floor, vase, etc)
  • usage of new/changed/fixed textures (windows, wall, gate, floor, truck)
  • Bremen is now shown on the right place in the campaign map
  • removed advertisings from the map
  • removed all unneeded textures and shaders from the pk3
  • based on beta 2, all custom-made stuff will still work

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