~ Q3-Games Model Tool v1.6.2 ~

04.10.2009 : 11:50
The 'Q3-Games Model Tool' supports all Q3-Engine based games.
It's a tool for playermodel-makers, mappers and modders.

Download & Info:

--> Q3 Model Tool v1.6.2
--> 'Q3 Model Tool' Website


  • Converting playermodels (MDM, MDX & MDS)
  • Calculating LOD (Level of Detail)
  • Converting to MD3 from MAP, MS3D & ASE
  • Adding frames to an MD3
  • Deleting frames from an MD3
  • Manipulating tags in an MD3
  • Editing MD3 (fixing gasps, smoothing surfaces, rotating, ...)
  • And many more...