RtCW-SP-Map: The Fortress (Final)

08.08.2005 : 17:06
Eine Singleplayer-Map von Vicpas für das gute alte RtCW. Viel Spaß beim zocken!

"The Germans built a fortress on top of an old cemetary far away from the Wolfenstein Castle. They transferred weapons, treasures and some projects they had developed to eliminate the Allies. Your objectives are to destroy these weapons, weaken the purchasing power of the Germans by stealing all of the treasures and locate the book describing the deadly projects.
Pay attention soldier, because the fortress is heavily guarded and terrible creatures, which
were invoked by the German scientists, protect the treasures. After having accomplished all the tasks, find an exit that will lead you to a submarine. It is on the coast waiting to take you and the items you have collected to a safe place."Planet Wolfenstein
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