ET-Tutorial-Maps für Mapper

05.08.2005 : 17:08
Wer an Mappen interessiert ist und bereits mit dem Radianten etwas vertraut ist, kann sich an den zehn Tutorial-Maps von EB versuchen. Die Maps Funktionieren, .map-File liegt bei und kann zu Übungszwecken verändert werden.

-[ Visit ''Tutorial Maps by EB'' ]-
  • #1 - 1st_room.pk3
    first room with readme.txt file explaining most of the steps.

  • #2 - 1st_room_lights_doors.pk3
    extended the 1st map with rooms, doors & lights.

  • #3 - after_beginner_tutorial.pk3
    4 rooms with different uses of different entities

  • #4 - func_map.pk3
    more of an explanation and uses of targetnamed entities and their use together

  • #5 - textures_common.pk3
    Almost all of the shaders of the common textures directory lined up for reference.

  • #6 - brush_manipulation.pk3
    Learn to shape different objects in radiant, this explains ways that the beginning mapper can learn to use. Make maps that don't look so 'square and artificial' after you learn from this. (There will be an advanced level for B_M.)

  • #7 - texture_manipulation.pk3
    Learn to move and size textures in radiant. Make maps that don't look so 'Tiled and blah' after you learn from this.

  • #8 - models_101.pk3
    Learn how to make sure models show in radiant along with extra features for their manipulation.

  • #9 - construct.pk3
    Learn a simple to moderately complex construction sequence

  • #10 - info_limbo_cameras.pk3
    Learn how to setup the information portion at the bottom of the limbo screen