ET-Mod: No Quarter 1.2.5 announced

08.08.2009 : 00:31
The 'No Quarter Development Team' is glad to announce that 'No Quarter 1.2.5 - Moonshot' will be available soon.

Here is the current changelist:
--> NQ 1.2.5 Changelist

A little bit from the changelist:

  • CPU usage server side fix on player_die & calculateranks
  • Callvote exploit security fix
  • Lua API implementation
  • Option to use different Lua libs
  • Tweak menu fix & rework (now contained com_hunkmegs setting)
  • New anti medic rambo options
  • Fixed some engine and security related issues
  • NQ won't start on 2.55 based installations anymore - it's about getting them to move forward a bit & was never supported any way