ET-Map: Capuzzo Airport (Beta 1)

29.07.2009 : 11:31

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January 1943. The war in Africa is finally coming to an end. The Allied intelligence has discovered a group of Axis engineers planning a new super plane in Capuzzo Airport. Allies are attempting to break into the airport, steal the blueprints and escape with a Supermarine Seafire.

After the defeat of Axis forces in El Alamein, the Afrika Korps have started a major defense line against the Allied, but with the failure to hold the defensive line at Lybia the german forces have been stunned by the Allied offensive speed. With the arrival of Erwin Rommel back to the African Campaign, can Axis forces stop the Allied offensive campaign and end there fight for survival? Will the fury of Desert Fox be seen yet again? One thing is for sure, the next battle between the forces will take part in Capuzzo.

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