Wolfenstein: Enemies & Weapons

19.07.2009 : 15:17
Not much new to report about Wolfenstein, only a few enemies and weapons was added to the official site in the 3rd update.
One month left until the release and the site is still closed for visitors from germany. :p

Older news from the official site:

--> Screens & First Impression
--> Concept Art & Screenshots

Drachen Troopers (Flame Troopers)

The Drachen Troopers, also known as Dragon Troopers, use flame throwers to burn their victims to ashes.

Elite Guard

Highly trained in the use of hand to hand weaponry, the Elite Guard also controls the dark power of the Black Sun. The Elite Guard uses the bodies of fallen comrades to create the twisted undead creatures know as the "Despoiled".

The Altered

The Nazis' early forays into the realm of the Black Sun resulted in many unfortunate deaths. Those who entered the Black Sun, returned as horribly twisted and mutated creatures. While some of these aberrations could be harnessed, others were transformed into insane beasts known as the Altered.

General Zetta

General Zetta is the mastermind behind the initial takeover of Eisenstadt. He also produces powerful weapons that use Veil energy. However, General Zetta has his own agenda - one he does not even share with his superiors in Berlin.

Flammenwerfer: Flamethrower, 200 charge 3 units continuous
Panzerschreck: Rocket Launcher, 500 charge
Particle Cannon: Veil Beam Weapon
Tesla Cannon: Electric charge weapon
MP40: Automatic Submachine Gun, 32 clip/200 pouch
Karabiner 98: Bolt Action Rifle, 5 clip/30 pouch
MP43: Automatic Assault Rifle, 30 clip/200