ET-Mod: Kmod+ v0.5.6

11.07.2009 : 16:39
KMOD+, built from clutch152's kmod, aims to bring complete admin support to the ETpro mod.


--> Kmod+ v0.5.6


  • Complete shrubbot support
  • Comes with a set of most used admin commands
  • Ability to write your own commands and share them easily (drag & drop)
  • Killing spree's / multi-kills
  • Banners
  • Player inactivity
  • and lots more...

Alot of the stuff, like the killing spree's, multi-kills and banners are compatible with the ETpub mod, which means you can use the same banners.cfg spree.cfg with KMOD+, and you dont need to rewrite everything.

Kmod+ 0.5.5 contained a small typo. This version fixes it.

Installation notes:

  • Extract the into your etpro directory, and add "kmod+.lua" to the lua_modules cvar.
  • Make sure the fs_homepath and fs_basepath cvar's set correctly to the ET directory.

Please report bugs back to

You can find more LUA modules I've made on
And don't forget to share your custom made commands with us.