ETpro 3.2.2 Beta 3

25.10.2005 : 19:44
Heute ist die Beta 2 vom 3.2.2'er ETPro erschienen. Sie läuft bald auf unserem Server:

-[ Download ''ETpro 3.2.2 Beta 3'' ]-

~ BETA 3 ~

b_extendedprone (default 0, disabled) - enables accurate hitbox for proning animations, and makes the prone animation transition through crouching.
b_killshot_delay (default 0, disabled) - time in milliseconds to take automatic screenshot after a kill.

listenserver should work again.
limbo camera wallhack fixed.
callvote-go-spec exploit fixed.
players/specs got g_inactivity/g_spectatorInactivity punted during pause. fixed.
/configstrings exploit fixed.
instant respawn exploit fixed.
flamethrower bounced flames bug fixed. (chruker fix)

~ BETA 2 ~

b_pronedelay behavior is changed:
0 = etmain normal behavior: no spread change, and players may not un-prone for 750ms.
1 = max spread for 1 second after proning, players may not un-prone for 1750ms
shoutcasters are now immune from g_spectatorInactivity

Class Limits:
set to -1 for no limit, 0 to disable the class, any other number will limit that class to the specified number of players.
Client limbopanel ui will show if classes are unavailable or not, but does not currently prevent you from selecting them with the mouse or quickmenu (the server will still prevent players from violating class limits though)

- server hang fixed
- following spectators on ettv would show bogus "soldier" class

~ BETA 1 ~

zero-bandwidth hitsounds - spectators can now hear hitsounds when spectating other players who have it turned off

New Crash Handler:
all new crash handler for win32 and linux.
drmingw/drwatsn no longer needed for win32, and is in fact no longer desired.
new crash handler can detect server hard lockups ("99% cpu"), create crashdump and shutdown the server.
set the cvar b_crashlogpath to the path you want to want to save crashdump files to. eg on win32 set b_crashlogpath c:\ and on linux, set b_crashlogpath /home/etserver on win32 you can enable a gui crash popup window with b_crashpopup 1 - !!warning!! server will be halted until the crash dialog box is closed.

- fix semiadmin cvar-command bug. custom cvars which admins intend to be vstr'able need to be named with an extension of ".cvar". semiadmins accessing the cvar for vstr should reference it without the ".cvar" extension.
- fix the limbo'd-dead-player-counts-against-weaponlimit bug. if a player is limbo'd, it now only counts the latched weapon against weaponlimits, not the last-spawned weapon.
- fixed bug where b_demo_nametags disguised names overlapped regular names. hopefully fix the server-lockup-bug.
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