ET-Tool: ET-Tweaker v1

29.07.2005 : 01:23
Config-Editor von Flak. Mithilfe dieses Tools soll es möglich sein auf einfachste art und weise Änderungen an der Config vorzunehmen sowie Scripts und Binds zu erstellen.

-[ Download ''ET-Tweaker v1'' ]-

"A small, stand-alone program designed to help people who are new to config file creation, and who want to customise their gaming experience."


  • Over 30 easy to understand CVARs to modify, with detailed descriptions, and easily selectable options.
  • Ability to create your own 'say' and 'vsay' binds, as well as a combination of both.
  • Pre-Made Default Template.
  • Exclude any CVAR you want from your config file.
  • Graphics Quality and Relative FPS graphs to show how modifying certain CVARs will affect your game play.
  • Easy Wizard style layout, with different stages (Example: View Settings, Gun/Crosshair Settings).
  • Ability to add "foreign" CVARs to your config. file.
  • Add useful ET scripts to your config file, such as akimbo scripts.
  • Set up Class binds with the Class Selector.
  • On screen keyboard – no need to remember the bindable key names anymore.
  • Easily saves to your ETMain folder by a one-click save function, for simple initialization.
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