bTc Fightnight No. 2

04.06.2009 : 23:36

"In the next few weeks one of our clan-founders, our FragZone-server-owner and uber-soap-taker |bTc|ClawFire will become father. After this he won't have much time for us, so we decided to start a Fight Night to give him a great goodbye! It's title is Claw's Schnullerparty (Schnuller = Soothers)."


This weekend!
From: Saturday, 06.06.2009 at 18 o'clock (GMT+1)
To: Sunday, 07.06.2009 at 12 o'clock (GMT+1)
(German time: World Time Map)

For more information about this event, click here to read more.|bTc|ClawFire via PM