ET-Tool: ETscript 4 (Beta 2)

26.05.2009 : 23:52
"This release is meant mainly to receive some feedback from the community. If you find bugs, let me know. If you find something you don't like, let me know. If you have a question, or can't find something, let me know!
You can post in this thread, or you can email me directly at r0fnick [at] gmail [dot] com (yes, that's with a zero)." ~Flippy

Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher


--> ETscript 4 (Beta 2)

ETScript is a script editor designed specifically for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory map script files. These script files are usually written in simple text editors like Notepad, which offer very little extra support. ETScript is different. While it hosts all useful features popular text editors like Notepad have, it also hosts a ton of features designed specifically for W:ET script files. You will probably find ETScript superior over Notepad, simply because it looks and handles identical to Notepad, plus a ton of extra features. These features are mostly aimed toward W:ET script files and help you to write your scripts quicker, easier and with less errors.SplashDamage