ET-Mod: TJmod 1.1.1

23.05.2009 : 17:01
TJMod is a new Trickjumping Mod for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. It's based on the original etmain source and it includes a lot of bugfixes and enhancements. All aimed towards making a mod to give an optimal trickjumping experience. Read more about all this and more on the forum!

Download & Info:

--> TJmod 1.1.1

Some key features:

  • save / load which removes your speed when you load.
  • Instant spawn. There IS no spawntime!
  • Ability to show keypresses. Will show the keys pressed by the person you spectate, and it also has multiple keysets. Configurable on client-side and will work in any demos recorded with TJMod. (Tj_drawkeys)
  • Cgaz hud to show (near) perfect strafing angles. (Only works with forwards fullbeat at the moment)
  • Score table which shows the pmove_fixed and FPS settings of all players.
  • Unlimited adrenaline.
  • Permanent Nofatigue, with client-side toggle to turn it on or off (tj_nofatigue)
  • Server-side ability to disable all ending of maps (sets unlimited timelimit and disables wm_endround)
  • Hardcoded ws and callvote exploit fixes.
  • Speedometer (tj_drawspeed)
  • Clock (tj_drawclock)
  • Custom mapscript support, inlcuding a fixed script for nejijump5_b5.
  • Very easy to set up, all server-side settings are prefixed with TJG_ and all client-side with TJ_. Type tj_ and then press tab in the console to list all settings, same with tjg_ (if you're on local server).
  • Server-side setting to enable /god and /noclip without enabling sv_cheats. (tjg_noclip and tjg_god)
  • Open source!
  • More features, ideas and fixes coming pretty much every day!
  • The mod is created and actively under development by Dinius, Setup and Zero.