ET-Prefabs: paZur's Shaders & Models

12.04.2009 : 14:11
New stuff for mappers from paZur Mapping. Screenshots and ReadMe is included into the download file.


--> B-25 (Model):
This is the B-25 from Natterbase. He included the source .max files as well. You will notice that the bomb and the fire have animation. You might use that for scripting.

--> Ba 349 Natter (Model):

The Ba 349 Natter itself from his map Natterbase. Just drop in a misc_model.

--> Lamp Shader:

This simple white shader in the lamp emits light. The glow has an autosprite parameter.

--> Goldrush Sky Shader Reloaded:

Rewrite of the Goldrush sky shader using Penumbra shadows and foghull fog. You need to add several keys in worldspawn to make it work properly.

--> Falling Leaves Shader:

This shader requires a target_smoke entity.
paZur Mapping