ET-Tool: Cfg Valid

12.04.2009 : 01:25
Cfg Valid made by is a software written in (frameworks 2.0). This software checks the directory of your choice (can be a hard drive) from .cfg files. Then it reports if .cfg files are correct or not.


--> Cfg Valid

Checking process:

  • syntax of cfg files
  • checking if cvars are part of game/mods cvars
  • checking if cvars are restricted via punkbuster
  • checking if cvars are fixed at a value via punkbuster
  • checking looped executions (tool)
  • sorting cvars in cfg files (tool)

CVars checking:

ETmain (vanilla), ETpro, NoQuarter, ETpub, Jaymod, Domination, PunkBuster (don't forget PB cvars & commands). Soon: ETtv & TC:E

Cfg Valid shows you results by config.

There are 3 types of nodes:

  • Cheat cvars - produce kick or bans
  • Restricted cvars - range fixed in order to balanced the game and avoid exploits
  • Incorrect syntax - malwrited configs can be source of kicks (flood)

In each case, Cfg Valid purpose the solution that get more sense to solve the problem.WolfMap Forum