ET-TC: TC:E Maps, Code und Mac Update

20.04.2005 : 21:57

Es gibt wieder Neuigkeiten von TCElite.
Die bisherigen Änderungen wurden erfolgreich in den V 2.60 Sourcecode integriert.
Es wurden auch schon Testbuilds der Mac Files erstellt.
Liquid, HellOnStage und Jace arbeiten an Maps und Mapmodellen.
In der deutschen PC-Action und in der englischen PC Zone sind Berichte über TCE erschienen.

News update: Maps, Code and Mac Update

A lot has changed since our last news post with the new ET version 2.60 being released along with a new Mac Client as well as several public reviews’s being printed in some highly respected gaming magazines.

We have successfully merged TC:E with the new 2.60 source. This will enable us to harness even more of the ET engine as well as its new features. Some of which you which are truly amazing. A question that is on quite few people’s lips is the Mac port.

We are several steps further with this as Tier has been working on it. We have successfully test built the files needed for a Mac using the older 2.56 version of ET and is just being handed the new 2.60 version. So its completion is drawing ever nearer.

Liquid, HellOnStage and Jace have been frantically working on maps and map models. Some of which are posted below. The whole team have also been working tirelessly to get TC:E to use real world geometry. This means that everything should look and feel the right scale. Obviously not forgetting the high-res textures being made. Don’t forget to take a look at our new WIP (Work In Progress) page where you will find some WIP shots of a familiar map to some.

Last but no means least the TC:E has featured in some very high profiled magazines. These include PC Zone, UK and PC Action, Germany. Both magazines have done a really good review and included TC:E on the respective DVDs.