Official Wolfenstein Site Closed For Germans

20.03.2009 : 01:04
Let me begin with a quote, Pappy-R of PlanetWolfenstein wrote:

"Official Wolfenstein Site Opens!

The official site for the new Wolfenstein game due out this summer,, has been opened and updated with screenshots, concept art, info and even some IM icons! That's right Wolf fans, the site is open with a forum for you and everything with much more on the way. Still to come are 3D screenshots, mission info and webisodes! Get over to and get into the swing of things, it's gonna get hot around here!"

After visiting, my anticipation turned into anger...

If you visit from germany, you get redirected to and you see nothing more than the old boring site.

Thanks a lot for the censorship!

As german you can only read the forum (Thanks to MacBeth for the link), but registering is impossible.