ET-TC: ET-Domination 1.1

22.07.2005 : 23:35

Vier Tage nach dem ersten Release von Domination hat Lanz eine gefixte Version herausgebracht. Den Downlaod der Full-Version gibt es hier bei uns, den Patch von Version 1.0 zu 1.1 finden Sie auf der Website des Domination-Mods.

-[ Download ''ET-Domination 1.1 (Full)'' ]-


  • Unfixed the one stab gib kill on player waiting for medic. Silly me to fix it.
  • When dom_muzzleFlash was 0 no flames where drawn when having flame thrower.
  • Garand can now be reloaded mid clip.
  • Medic syringe didn't hit wounded players in certain situations.
  • Team bug fixed. Shooting at enemy played friendly hit sound, got team kill message when killing enemy. Bug caused by code awarding bonus points when defending goal.
  • Linux client bug, crashing out with a WM_Create failed fixed.
  • Class command like in ETPro implemented.
  • Ball could get stuck under the water tanks on dom_hill
  • Fixed scoreboard when in limbo, the scoreboard showed the dead players score as the one he spectated.
  • Fixed powerball/flag icon in scoreboard that moved class name etc to the right.
  • Added assists to the +stats
  • Fixed a bug with intermission awards where "best assister" and "best base defender" showed up on the same line.
  • Several game sounds did not play, like flag/ball returned to spawn location