Wolfenstein Preview at IGN

06.02.2009 : 19:07
"Blazkowicz is undercover on a Nazi ship when he slips on an admiral's jacket and finds a strange amulet in the pocket. In a moment of fear -- which wasn't shown tonight -- Blazkowicz wields the true power of the medallion; a power known as the Veil. Now, the Veil is another dimension that's existing on top of our own and can't be seen by the likes of you and me. When Blazkowicz activates the Veil -- the amulet is in the lower left corner of the screen and has a meter showing how much juice the dimensional wormhole has -- the screen turns to a creepy shade of blue, things start floating around, and little creatures can be seen by our hero. Of course, these effects aren't all purely eye candy; with the medallion activated, Blazkowicz can slow down time and scream around the stage waxing bad guys who are now brightly colored."

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Thanks: Planet Wolfenstein